Mobile application development is the current big challenge.

We've taken this direction some time ago and are now able to develop complex applications on mobile devices.

Websockets, webservices, geolocation, QR scanning, ... we've covered it up.

adiScan free is an utility tool to scan barcodes or QR codes for inventory.

Desktop & Server

Creating front and back-end application is something we've done quit often.

We bring talented graphic designers into the picture, making very nice front-end application that users like to use.

For back-end applications we provide our expertise to fulfil demanding needs or we integrate with existing architectures.

As programmer we focus on D.R.Y. principles, use source control tools and like to automate as much as possible.

Project Management

Along the path, we have used several approaches to manage our projects, depending on the customer's standards.

Agile and Scrum are some of the approaches used to manage our developments, Prince 2 for higher level project management.

Before coding, always look for open-source libraries to reduce the development time.

We like team play a lot, but are also capable of handling all aspects of a project on our own.

As VoIP specialists, we set up small or complex open-source telephony solutions.

We mainly use Freepbx, a distribution of Asterisk, as building block to set up a complete PBX system.

Also active in hospitality industry, we developed a connector between Micros-Fidelio and Asterisk.

The connector we've created has been certified by Micros-Fidelio, but also works with Medialion or any other hospitality software supporting FIAS. It's actively used in hotels to integrate their telephony with the hospitality management software.

We do provide services to install, configure and maintain a Asterisk PBX system, with or without the connector. Don't be afraid to ask us for more details if you're interested.

Some of the companies we've helped out


IPG using Altitude Software

IPG is the largest contact centre in Belgium, with over eighteen years of experience in handling customer contacts in different languages, 24/7.
Adiict helped accelerating the migration to their brand new Altitude uCI platform, used by hundreds of users. International minded and talented people everywhere, definitely a nice place to be.


Peritas running Asterisk

PERITAS is a dynamic consultancy firm specializing in energy projects, coordination of security and stability studies.
Adiict has installed and maintains an Asterisk server to provide all their telephony needs at reasonable cost. Open minded people in a constantly growing company.


Cofidis quentris

Cofely quentris is the GDF SUEZ Energy Services Center of Competence in Belgium regarding communication technology.
Adiict helped by providing the needed experience to successfully take care of several projects, from design to implementation. People at Cofely quentris are amazing by their expertise and professionalism, it was a pleasure working with all of them.

Companies we have a
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